Do-Follow Social Bookmarking - FMS SKIN - Best Acne Treatment Clinic In Kondapur Hyderabad Acne is one amongst the most common skin condition we come across in teenagers. While acne often clears up naturally by the time a person is in their twenties, it may continue into adulthood. Irrespective of your age, acne causes significant social and physical discomfort, scarring, and sometimes depression. Acne may be thanks to unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, hormonal changes, contributing factors including excess oil, clogging of pores, bacteria etc . Other factors that may trigger acne include genetics, menstruation and emotional stress. Common acne prone area are face and body a Read Morereas like neck, chest ,back, arms.acne can present as comedones, papules, pus filled lesions, nodules, cyst. Acne can cause scars and pigmentation. At FMS, We have the best Acne treatment Doctors. Thu, 09 Sep 2021 05:07:55 UTC en