Do-Follow Social Bookmarking - FMS SKIN - Best Chemical Peels Treatment Clinic In Kondapur Hyderabad Chemical peels represent a flexible and useful tool for improving skin texture and the effects of ageing. Cleopatra from Egypt bathed in sour milk to beautify her skin unknowingly using lactic acid. French women used old wine which contains tartaric acid. In this modern era chemical peels still hold their place firmly as the most widely conducted procedure in our dermatological practice. With the wide variety of peels, we at FMS SKIN & HAIR Clinic offer you with combination peels, sequential peels, TCA CROSS, yellow peel etc to treat skin problems like acne, acne scars, Melasma, dark spots, Read More fine wrinkling, Photoaging, dialated pores etc. Thu, 09 Sep 2021 06:47:33 UTC en